Whether they are placed in modern or historic buildings, most museums currently face a need for a reconstruction. This need appears, as a consequence of deterioration of the facilities which create security and preservation problems, the activities and collections which have outgrown the available space, or the necessity to change the permanent display and include new ways of communicating with the audience.

The National Museum is facing all three groups of problems for more than three decades now. The basic need of the Museum is to achieve functional, organizational and technical modernization of the facility and create additional space for primary activities, exhibiting and communication with the public.

Due to the condition of the current building, installations and equipment, the scope of necessary actions, the purpose of the building and strict standards of preventive protection for cultural monuments, Museum is in need of the complete reconstruction, adaptation and additional building.

Considering the scope of work and technological processes involved, the precondition for the beginning of Museum reconstruction is a temporary relocation of collections and employees. The necessary space for temporary relocation should include separate, specialized storage for Museum artifacts, the workspace for Museum employees and space for conservation workshops.