Partnership with the National Museum

The National Museum, as the oldest and the central museum institution in Serbia, has been dedicated to the safeguarding of national and world cultural heritage for 168 years now. We communicate more than 400 000 testimonies of development and existence of diverse cultures, from the Paleolithic till today. It is our goal to be the center of creativity, inspiration, encounters, learning and exchange of ideas and memories.

Our activities require maximum engagement from our team members, all employees and associates. An important segment of our policy is openness toward the community and cooperation with other institutions, organizations, companies and individuals that contribute to the quality of our programs and implemented activities.

By sharing the joint mission and improving the cooperation in the field of culture, together we aim contribute to the construction of a progressive society. Therefore, we invite you to become our partner.

You can choose different models of partnership with us:

>Partnership with related institutions

Offers the possibility to work on joint projects and benefit from the inter-institutional cooperation of diverse museum experts.

>Museum Partnership with non-governmental sector, individuals and other institutions

Offers the possibilities to work on joint projects in the sphere of culture, science and education, with special emphasis on inter-disciplinary activities, exhibitions, research projects and educational programs.

> On-line partnership

Enables joint engagement on popularization and interpretation of culture through the Internet and new technologies.

Through partnership and joint activities we aim to inspire our community to take intensive care and make use of cultural heritage. By developing the relationship between the Museum and the society we aim to cherish cultural values and strengthen the regional cooperation and inter-disciplinary networking.

Our former partners were national and international institutions and individuals from diverse fields.



We are opened for all your suggestions regarding possible cooperation. For any further questions contact us at