Museum item: Ceramic tools and objects: small beads or children’s toys, Tečić.

Digital item: Triceratops

Donor of digital item: Dražen Kragić

Note from donor:

I found this rock during the bombings of Serbia in 1999. I was in first grade elementary school at the time. Due to the war, school was cancelled, so I spent my days playing with my friends in the streets.

My best friend Dušan and I would spend hours scouring the streets for items. As soon as I discovered this rock I saw its resemblance to a dinosaur head so I named it Triceratops and kept it.

This rock reminds me of the best days of my youth. I spent all my time with my friends and had no obligations or worries despite the bombings in Belgrade.

We moved shortly after the war ended, and I lost all contact with my friends.

I met up with Dušan after ten years and to my surprise he asked me if remembered that rock I found. He was shocked when I told him I still keep it as a souvenir of that time.

This “triceratops” is a symbol of my childhood and of great friendship that was never forgotten.