The National Museum in Belgrade has been collecting and safeguarding books since its foundation in 1844. This relationship with books was a direct consequence of the fact that the National Library and Museum have been one and the same institution for many decades during the 19th century. Since 1890, the Museum has been creating inventories of scientific literature and acquiring books and magazines from the field of archeology, art, numismatics, history and related scientific areas, thus creating one of the oldest libraries in Serbia. Today, our specialized library has over 96,000 items that can be searched by classical card files, while 70% of our book fund is in the electronic databases.

Along with international and local monographic publications (36,200), magazines (1,328 titles with approximately 60,000 notebooks) and electronic optic discs (150), the special value of the Museum library are the collection of old and rare books, and rare editions of Serbian periodicals from 19th century. Furthermore, many editions can be found exclusively in our Library, especially encyclopedias and complete editions of foreign magazines published since more than a century, which makes it an irreplaceable source of information for local researchers.


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