The National Museum has been hosting the Archaeology Film Festival since 1998. At the time the Festival was organized in cooperation with Rovereto Festival organizers, Archeologia Viva magazine and the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade. It was the first time that such an event took place in Serbia. The non competitive Festival has been conceptualised as a presentation of the most recent documentaries. Belgrade is among very few European cities whose public has the opportunity to see the latest films in the field of archaeology and other related scientific disciplines.

Apart from an attractive approach to cultural heritage, all the films shown take pride in a high scientific quality. Therefore, not only experts but everyone interested in ancient civilisations is able to find out more about significant and valuable world’s monuments. Besides news and coverage, educational films depicting important findings and remarkable past accomplishments which belong to various periods of civilisation are also shown. The audience is able to discover new facts regarding archaeological research in Serbia and abroad in an amusing and thought-provoking way.

A selection of films presented at the Archaeology Film Festival held at the National Museum is also shown in other towns in Serbia, the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro. This has been conducted in cooperation with local museums since 2004.

Over the years our Festival has gained the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Goethe Institute, the Institute Cervantes, the Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic Iran, the Russian House, the French Institute, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, the Confucius Institute, along with the support provided by the following  embassies: the Embassy of Belgium, the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Embassy of Bulgaria, the British Embassy, the Embassy of Cyprus, the Embassy of India, the Embassy of Indonesia, the Embassy of  the Republic of Macedonia, the Embassy of Mexico, the Embassy of the United States of America,  the Embassy of Turkey, the Embassy of Croatia, the Embassy of Montenegro, and the Embassy of Switzerland.

Ivana Minić, Festival Coordinator

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