Since its establishment, the National Museum has been growing and developing with the support of those who shared our vision of a dynamic and inspirational place connecting cultures of the past with the contemporary society. Support from generous, socially responsible individuals, groups and companies is still of vital importance for the Museum.

Our greatest dream, and our biggest financial challenge, is to open the modernized National Museum, accessible and intended for all citizens. In accordance with this, the reconstruction of the Museum building at the Square of Republic is one of the priorities for which we need your support. In order to fulfill this dream we also have to invest continuously in increasing accessibility of Museum’s artifacts and information, in inspirational exhibitions and accompanying programs in the Museum and outside of it, in our activities on social networks and in workshops for children and youth. Finally, new research projects, acquisitions, conservation and restoration of artifacts in our collections and raising the capacities of our employees are on our list of crucial, long terms investments in Museum’s development.

If you wish to donate funds for the reconstruction of the museum building, projects, collection development or everyday activities and programs , please contact For „in-kind“ donations and all agreements related to the possibility of targeted investments in contents and purposes of your choice, please contact To donate an artifact or a legacy for one of our collections please contact

By donating to the National Museum, You make a gift to the entire community!

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