About us

National Museum Associates’ Club is a group whose goal it is to help with the planning and implementation of Museum’s educational activities and programmes. NMAC’s members are young motivated individuals, students of Art History, Archeology, History, Pedagogy, Special Education, Cultural Management and other related disciplines and all citizens, who wish to dedicate their free time to betterment of planning and implementation of educational and other programmes organised by the Museum.

Club goals

The goal of Associates’ Club is to bring the cultural heritage we cherish closer to as many people as possible in an effusive and inspirational way.

Through informal education and capacity building of Club’s members and Museum’s employees, the Club aims at developing knowledge and creativity through heritage and at supporting a more intensive involvement of the community in caring for the heritage.  By promoting personal involvement of citizens, the Club wants to contribute to enhancement of socially responsible behaviour and building of a progressive civil society.

How does your involvement in the Club contribute to the Museum, to the society and to you?

As an associate you become a part of the Museum’s team and help us design and implement more quality contents, communicate with different groups of people and influence the betterment of life in our society.

Engagement in the Associates’ Club brings you an opportunity for professional development in the field of cultural heritage. Cooperation with professionals of different educational profiles provides you with an opportunity to develop and improve your organisational abilities and public speaking skills and extend your professional network.

What do we expect from our associates?

During your engagement as associate you will be the face of our museum and the bridge between the museum and the audience. Therefore we expect you to have enthusiasm, interest in museum collections and themes of exhibitions, dedication and passion for learning, openness and positive approach to working with audience.

How can you join the Club?

We would like to invite you to join our Associates’ Club and take active participation in the realisation of the programmes dedicated to the audience of the National Museum.

If you are interested to become one of us, please send your application form to eduka@narodnimuzej.rs. For all additional information you can write to the same e-mail address or call +381 60 807 50 35, Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

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