As the oldest museum institution in Serbia, the National Museum collects, safeguards, protects and interprets multi-cultural heritage of the Central Balkans and Europe. By constantly improving and growing, the Museum, with its 400,000 testimonies of the social and cultural development from the Paleolithic till today, becomes a place for encounters, dreams, visions, critiques and dialogues.

Our goal is to continue to be the center of creativity, inspiration, learning, enjoyment and exchange of ideas and memories.

Exhibitions, projects, events and all other activities we implement, require a maximum of engagement of all members of our team, employees and associates. An important segment of our policy is openness toward the community and cooperation with other institutions that contribute to the quality of our programs and implemented activities.

We would like to invite you to contribute to the corporate social responsibility by being our sponsor and financially helping the realization of our programs. By strengthening the cooperation and exchange between the Museum, the economy and the communities we aim to stimulate corporate philanthropy that is in the best interest of all stakeholders in Serbia.


As a museum, we offer you the possibility to become benefactor of our planned activities and programs or to jointly create new solutions.

As a benefactor of our programs, your company will, along with the media visibility (emphasis of sponsors in all event announcements, strategic positioning of logos on all printed materials, visibility on social networks and Internet pages), have a chance to organize activities for its employees and business partners that will help strengthen the loyalty and your position at the local and regional level, all in cooperation with our experts. Thanks to our resources and capacities, the Museum is in a position to answer to numerous structured philanthropic needs of your company.

If you recognize the benefit in being a part of our team and a benefactor of the programs we implement, the marketing team of the National Museum is at your disposal.


Our previous sponsors were national and international companies from different economic sectors.


We are opened for all your suggestions regarding possible cooperation. For any further questions contact us at

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